The Invisible Realm is home to Felipe Posada,a Visual Artist working in the fields of Digital Collage, Motion Design, Film, Branding and Advertising. With a Masters in Computer Art with emphasis in Motion Graphics from the Savannah College of Art and Design (2004) for more than a decade, Felipe has worked as a Designer, Animator, Art & Creative Director,  leading teams and developing the most surreal and innovative projects for advertising agencies, content studios, brands and world-known artists. Felipe lives and works from his studio in Brooklyn NYC. 
Represented in the US by H+ Creative,
Agent Hannah Stouffer
Process, Resources and Method
My artworks are an amalgamation of multiple source materials. They incdude elements such as scanned advertising images from past decades, creative commons imagery, assorted textures, original photography and computer generated elements. A key aspect of my practice is to assess my source material and make sure it all stays within the boundaries of fair-use. For more information in regards to best practices and fair use in collage art please refer to this article .
When it comes to commercial design and Direction, I use my art as reference for something I will either shoot or recreate using my own methods resulting in 100% original content. For that however, a different process, timeline and budget is required. If you are interested in my work as a Creative Director / Director, please contact my agent listed above.  
Artist Statement
My artwork is a journey through the invisible realm: a dimension where conventional laws of physics have no ruling effect, and thoughts with intent take visual form. Here, intuition, memories, visions and dreams are as tangible as every day objects. Through my work I revisit concepts that have fascinated me, scared me and intrigued me since I was a child. The results, often unpredictable, are compositions filled with symbolism and hidden meaning. Topics such as metaphysics, mythology, space exploration, astrology, sacred geometry, anthroposophy, the human psyche can often be found in my artwork, sometimes infused with a dash of retrofuturistic nostalgia and mixed with the inevitable influence of pop culture that engulfs us. 
Therefore it is valid to say that my work relates to my own existence but it also makes part of a greater conscience ...or to be more precise, to the collective unconscious. 

Thank you for watching. 

Felipe Posada
Brooklyn, New York.
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