Produced At: My Active Driveway 
ECD: Steve Choo
Creative Director: Felipe Posada
Design / Animation: Brian Sensebe, Sean McClintock, Bryan Louie, Federico Saenz, DeeKay, Felipe Posada

Agency: Missing Pieces

Case Study:
A successfully awarded pitch in which a roster of amazing designers and animators came together under one roof to have some fun. 
The goal was to come up with and ending to a 7Up comercial campaign, that would go beyond the campaign itself. The assignment was to design a standalone animated branding piece that could live on its own and that could be integrated in future commercials. An additional key factor was to create a piece that felt current and relevant to all social media platforms. As a creative director I had the responsibility to guide this super talented group of artist into creating a variety of directions as well as designing a few of my own. After all was done, the hardest part was to choose a favorite one...which is a good problem to have. Luckily the client did that for us.
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