Client: BMW Germany
Agency: Territory DE
EP: Ina Fölster
Social Media Manager: Flora Macher
Production Studio: The Invisible Realm
Director: Felipe Posada
Producer: Michale Neithardt / Palmy Inn
 Motion Gfx - CGI - Design Director: Felipe Posada

To mark the launch of The First-Ever BMW i4 - its First All-Electric four door coupe - BMW teamed up with Felipe Posada for a one of a kind creative collaboration: Creating an animated spot about the birth of the BMW i4 in a world imagined by The Invisible Realm.
There were no creative or tecnhical constrains. The only ask was to put all the love and craft into it and that is exactly what we did. 
Crafted 100% digital using Maxon Cinema 4D w/ Otoy Octane render and Adobe After Effects, the spot ran on all of BMW and BMWi social media channels amassing over 3M plays and receiving over 200K likes in Instagram Only

" The most rewarding aspect of this project was seeing such an iconic brand supporting my art by incorporating The Invisible Realm as part of their visual narrative durintg the launch and highlighting it in all of its channels. It was a fully paid commercial project but that gesture alone made the project worth more than all the Ξ$€₿ in the world. " BMW has a honorable reputation for supporting artists which they have done throughout the decades. I feel incredibly humbled to have joined that saga - Felipe Posada.
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