Client: Café de Colombia
Agency: McCann Erickson Colombia
Account Executive: Jaime Suarez
Executive Producer: Viviana Valencia
Production Company: Craft
Live Action Director: Felipe Posada
Post Production - Motion Gfx - Design Director: Felipe Posada

Sound Researcher: Felipe Reinoso
Music Producers: Miguel De Narvaez and Juan Fernando Fonseca
Vocals: Maria Mulata
This collaboration marks the 60th anniversary of the globally recognized Juan Valdez icon under the Cafe de Colombia brand – the name given to 100% washed Arabica coffee grown in Colombia.
It's a fact that sound can influence your taste buds, and understanding how sound can be used to influence a person's tasting experience is the backbone of this project. Commissioned by McCann Erickson Colombia, Felipe Reinoso - a researcher from the Universidad de los Andes - along with a select team of music producers composed the song #BeyondTaste, a musical piece rich in sounds and frequency ranges designed specifically to enhance the coffee tasting experience. 
The ask: To make this invisible sound, visible.
In collaboration with the creative team from McCann Erickson Colombia, Visual Artist and Director Felipe Posada embarked on the journey of designing a motion picture to complement the song.

Diving into The Invisible Realm, Posada looked for ways to deconstruct and reconfigure familiar elements from the Colombian coffee regions.
An ode to Colombian Coffee and magical realism, this film evokes emotions by turning landscapes and familiar elements such as coffee berries, flowers and tropical fauna into colorful mandalas. It invites the user to follow the sound through a vibrant universe of kaleidoscopic configurations.
"The challenge was to steer away from making a narrative piece that would compete with the music. Instead, our goal was to create a contemplative film that would appeal to the senses therefore amplifying the song's effect during the tasting experience." - Felipe Posada. 
Posada also took cues from Reinoso who explained the fundamental principles used when composing the song such as the Bouba Kiki effect: to the human brain, certan sounds and melodies translate into organic shapes with lushy hues (enhancing the Sweet notes) - as in first part of the song. Other sounds translate into sharper more rigid geometric shapes with earthy tones (enhancing the Bitter notes) - as in the second part of the song. 
As the film's architect, Posada had the humbling opportunity to direct Mr. Juan Valdez. "If Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi had a son...said the director who - as a Colombian himself - was briefly starstruck when meeting the legendary character. A few black coffees later, we were all Jedis. ​​​​​​​
Enjoy this film. Don't forget to turn on the sound and have a nice cup of Colombian coffee by your side when you do. 
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