Motion Creative Director: @the_invisible_realm / @itay_tevel
Hornet Director:
Client: @Spotify
Executive Producer: @perfectmixnyc
Sr. Producer: @justine.webster
Producer: @nicobenenati
Senior Editor: @anitanyc
Editors: @kiminshook @matthewsandager @erengulfi @nickelsforthought
Production Coordinator: @dsgn.rezza
Motion Designers: @cynthialarenas, Larisa Martin, _ericosantana, Fede Cook,, @ayer_be, @jeejung_gabin, @hello.amalialage, Joash Berkeley, Vanessa Appleby
Motion Interns: @kentaclysm @aliewooo
Toolkit Senior Producer: @justine.webster
Toolkit Associate Producer: @hardinlove21

Spotify collaborated with Hornet and their animation production partner, Vucko, to develop the motion toolkit for 2022 Wrapped. Once the toolkit was developed, Hornet + Vucko produced  animated assets for the Wrapped consumer + Creator campaigns for social, ooh, ctv and olv placements.

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