Client: Forza Ikonia - Mauer Digital
Production Studio: The Invisible Realm
Director/ CGI / Artist : Felipe Posada

On the 9th of November 1989 the Berlin Wall finally fell. A moment that still ripples through history. In 2022 this moment is being recreated in the Metaverse.

60 years have passed since the Berlin Wall was built. MAUER is an art project that will tell the extraordinary stories of a divided world, as relevant today as it ever was. 5 artists will be invited to generate a digital Berlin Wall of 10,316 unique art pieces - one for every day the Wall stood. Each Section of MAUER will be sold as an NFT and a majority of the proceeds will go to charities that work for freedom and democracy across borders. 
These are samples of Section 3, created and reimagined by Felipe Posada.  More info at
Crafted 100% digital using Maxon Cinema 4D w/ Otoy Octane render, the different elements, textures and characters were strategically placed and rendered in a way that 2,300 unique combinations could be generated. 21 hand made bespoke artworks were created to serve as a blueprint, also adding to rarity in the overall NFT collection. 
" This was one of the most ambicious projects I've recently been involved with. It required lots of attention in all fronts: Historially, artistically and techically. 
In the same way that charactes in a film are conceived, storyboarded, sketched and directed, these fictional characters came to life to represent multiple situations (some more serious than others) that evoked the era of the Berlin wall. It took great effort but the results were equaly rewarding. 
  - Felipe Posada.
In addition to the series, this bespoke Mauer NFT was created by Felipe Posada and donated to aid in the Ukraine crisis. 
It has generate more than $40,000 which have gone 100% to charities working on humanitarian efforts. 
This special MAUER piece by Felipe Posada was created to support Ukraine. Up to 43,287,512 editions will be minted - one for every Ukrainian citizen. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Ukrainian charities. If you sell the piece, a 10% royalty fee will also go to the charity. Forever.
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