How could you distill the essence of leadership from one of the greatest companies 
within a single motion piece?
This remarkable task was bestowed upon us by Google. From collaborating on a seamless, yet precise, script to devising a visual style that conveys each concept, and ultimately bringing everything to life flawlessly – the end result was an astonishingly passionate endeavor and a testament to the relentless collaboration of the team at Mixtape Club.
Year: 2017
Client: Google
Production Company: Mixtape Club
Executive Creative Director: Chris Lenox Smith
Creative Director & Design Lead: Felipe Posada
Executive Producer: Jesse Casey
Head of Production: John Holt
Designers: Felipe Posada, Barry Bruner, Mary Varn
Storyboard Artist: Mary Varn
Editor: Mary Varn
Technical Direction/Animation Lead: Casy Drogin
Animation: Felipe Posada, Deekay Kwon, Mary Varn, Sean McBride, Casey Drogin
Sound Design + Mix by: Mixtape Club
The design process itself stood as a monumental undertaking. 
Conveying abstract concepts through an appropriate visual language is undoubtedly a complex endeavor. Every aspect, from colors and textures to symbols and compositions, underwent meticulous calculation.  My design drew inspiration primarily from two sources: Sacred Geometry and Organic Modernism. Within sacred geometry lies a cryptic code, where each arrangement and symbol holds a distinct purpose and intention. Simultaneously, my deep admiration for Organic Modernism played a significant role, appreciating how architects and designers of that era ingeniously melded natural shapes and gestures to forge organic structures and beautiful objects.
The designs went through multiple iterations matching the evoloving script. In the end, no text was used and we decided to communicate with the simplest shapes: dots and lines. Yet, these designs were appreciated and helped as a foundation for the final piece. ​​​​​​​
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